shine broadcast

Are you in a dark place right now?  A
place filled with strife, confusion, anger.  Are there things in your life that you know many would regard as shameful?
The purpose of the Shine Broadcast is to bring the light of Jesus into that dark place where you are now.
I've been in that dark place, when my husband announced that he was cross-dressing. He also wanted to continue cross-dressing until he could completely change to be a woman.
I've been in a place where everything looked hopeless, where there was no answer and confusing thoughts and feelings were screaming in my head and mind.
Having walked this road I am able to testify that God has the answer for your situation.  His light can so flood that dark place that the darkness will be dispelled!  Darkness always gives way to light!

Unless Christian wives submit themselves to the truth and light of the Word of God their husbands will remain in darkness - bound by a habit or mindset that is keeping them from experiencing the freedom that Jesus died for.  It is our job to be a vehicle through which the Holy Spirit may bring deliverance and liberty.
Please feel free to download and listen to any of these broadcasts.  It is my prayer that through these broadcasts the light of the Word of God will rise in your heart until you are filled with hope, joy and peace ... with a deep knowing that your Heavenly Father is looking after you and guiding you along His path.
Yours in Christ,
My Testimony:  I've got something to tell you This is my story.  A story that I did not plan to tell.  When it's a bright day outside you don't even need to turn the light on.  But when you're in a dark place, you don't seem to be able to do anything without some light.  If you're in a darkplace right now having some light and hope may be just want you need.  Listen to this testimony to see how God shone His light into a dark situation in my life.