A new resource is available for wives wanting to discern the difference between trans-gender lies and the truth provided in the Word of God.

Too many lies about trans-genderism, cross-dressing and transsexuality are circulating in the world today – and no where more so than on the internet.  To assist wives to discern the difference between the devil’s lies and the truth of the Word of God this ebook has been prepared.

Lies such as these are responded to:

- "The Bible is silent on the subject of trans-genderism.  No where in the Bible does God define whether trans-genderism is sin or not."

- "God made me trans-gendered."

- "God made a mistake when He created me.  He gave me the wrong body."

- "Trans-genderism is in every culture therefore it is a normal cultural expression for humankind."

- "Trans-genderism and homosexuality are completely unique and totally different from each other."

This is a 28 page ebook and is offered for just AUD$5.  
Please contact me at gae.hall@gmail.com after you have made your purchase.

I invite all my page visitors to download the free pamphlet entitled "Help I've just discovered my husband is trans-gendered".  
This pamphlet is specifically written for Christian wives who are struggling to come to grips with their recent discovery.   Whether you have only just discovered that your husband is cross-dressing or whether you have known it for a while but you are still struggling with knowing what to do, this pamphet was written to help you.
Often wives who find themselves in this situation find it very hard to tell anyone about their struggle.  I hope that the Lord, through this pamphlet will lead you towards a trusted friend with whom to share your journey.
You are free to download this pdf file.  You will be prompted for a password.  This is to ensure that the pamphlet only gets into the hands of women who really need it.  Please email me at gae.hall@gmail.com for the password.
Forgiveness is a hard subject .... Please download "I just can't forgive him .... and it's making me miserable"
I was recently talking with a wife who was feeling miserable because of the wrong that her husband had done towards her and her children.  She was struggling with anger, resentment and bitterness.  I developed this brochure to help her deal with the issue of forgiveness.  There is no question the command of Jesus to forgive others is sometimes very hard.  Especially when someone betrays you and breaks marriage vows. 
I pray that this brochure will speak to your heart.  Without the Lord's help genuine forgiveness is simply not possible. I also pray that the Lord will lead you towards forgiving your husband.
You are free to download these pdf files.  You will require a password.  This is to ensure the pamphlet stays in the hands of those who need it.  Please email me at gae.hall@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to give you the password. 
My prayer is that through this pamphlet the Lord will lead you on a path that brings a hope and a future.
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