he can NEVER be she

For the past five years I have been working on a book which I have entitled "He can NEVER be She'".  The book is specifically for Christian women who are struggling to come to terms with their husband or loved one's trans-genderism.
From the back cover:

Help! I've just discovered my husband is cross-dressing.
As strange as some may like to admit, this situation is not uncommon, even amongst those within the Christian church.

Gae Hall recounts the story of her husband’s transition from an Assemblies of God pastor with a passion for ministry to a man consumed by the desire to cross-dress and ultimately undergo to sexual reassignment surgery so as to become known as a woman called ‘Christine’. 
In this informative book, Gae sets out to raise awareness of the fact that trans-gender behaviour exists in marriages and families, and to provide godly advice to Christian women who are travelling that hard road with their loved ones.   This book seeks to equip Christian women to: 
  • Challenge the arguments put forward by those who advocate for trans-genderism or trans-gender behaviour; 
  • Identify the detrimental effect trans-gender behaviour has on the individuals involved and on all relationships within the family;
  • Clarify and understand how God views the trans-gender condition and how He desires to bring healing to those under its control;
  • Determine appropriate boundaries so as to create a climate for reconciliation and restoration within the marriage and family;
  • Secure and maintain godly family environments for children in situations where fathers have chosen to continue cross-dressing or pursue trans-sexual transition.
Also included is a clearly set out action plan for Christian wives, from discovering their husbands’ trans-genderism to making decisions as to how to go forward.

This new book can now be ordered from Amazon and comes in a Kindle version.

I trust that this resource will help many women who are forced to walk this difficult path.