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New kids book now available!

Although expose ministries is mostly directed towards wives, I am well aware that many of these wives are also mothers.  Many people struggling with cross-dressing or trans-gender desires are fathers, uncles or brothers.  This
book has been written from the perspective of my son, when he was about 8 years old.

Our family secret is quite strange

    a secret I did not choose.

 It revolves around my Dads wardrobe;

        and his shiny pirate shoes.

A little boy has made a discovery.  He has found a pair of black shiny patent leather shoes, with a polished gold buckle on the top, hidden discreetly in the bottom of his parent’s wardrobe.  They are not his mother’s shoes.  They are, surprisingly, his father’s.  The little boy’s father cross-dresses.  The little boy and his brother must come to terms with the fact that their father does not wish to dress as a man.  Rather his father desires to be a woman.


Such a unique situation is sadly one that some children find themselves.  Now these children are not alone in their secret.  Now, they have a voice.  This is one child’s story.

This 24 page full-coloured book is available from both Amazon and by contacting

A note for parents:  In this true story the child’s father undergoes sexual reassignment surgery.  Children may need to be reminded that not all cross-dressers will make such a decision.

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