Help! My husband cross-dresses


I've just discovered my husband 
is cross-dressing

It is the type of discovery that always comes as a shock, even if you knew about his secretive habit before making the commitment.  Somehow, regardless of how the discovery is made, it never ceases to arouse feelings of shock, bewilderment, anger and most of all confusion.

The subject of trans-genderism makes everyone uncomfortable.  The Church is no exception.  It is a subject that has been largely avoided by the church, safely tucked away in a dark corner of the closet only to be unearthed when a pastor or church member is confronted by it. 

The time has come to open the closet door and let the light of the Word shine on the subject of trans-genderism so it is driven into the public arena for discussion in the body of Christ.  Trans-genderism needs the light of God. While it remains hidden from the truth, darkness and ignorance will prevail.  When the light of the word of God is shone on the lie of trans-genderism it will shrivel up and wither away - setting those free who are under its control.  Wives, fathers and mothers need to be empowered and equipped to know how to stand strong on the truth, revealing the lie of trans-genderism so that it does not rule in their home.

Are you facing a situation at home, feeling alone and don't know what to do?  I invite you to download a copy of our pamphlet 'Help' I've just discovered my husband is trans-gendered."    This short pamphlet gives you important advice that you will need as you come to grips with your husband's trans-genderism.  Once you have downloaded the link, please email me at and I will reply with the password.  I want to ensure that this pamphlet remains in the hands of the women who need it most.

If your question is not listed on our blog page, please post a question and I will do  my best to answer it as Biblically as possible.

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