about gae hall

After a marriage that spanned more than a decade Gae's husband Christophe* suddenly disclosed that he had been cross-dressing the entire extent of their relationship.  Despite being ordained as an Assembly of God minister and being obsessively entrenched in the teachings of the Word of Faith movement, Christophe decided to turn his back on his life long convictions towards a transsexual lifestyle.  In doing so he risked losing his companion, his family and his two children.
The hold of transgenderism however was too strong to resist and he chose to pursue his trans-sexual transformation and is now living as a woman. 
The story that surrounds these events will amaze you.  They will shock you.  It will startle you to learn how the devil could so skillfully deceive one who knew the Word of God to such a deep level.
The story also gives you, a Christian wife struggling with her own recent discovery, the hope that there is a joyful life ahead.  The Lord will not abandon you nor will He reject you.  He is waiting to share in your struggles and failures.

If you need someone to talk to about your struggle with your husband's trans-genderism, please do not hesitate to
email me.
Yours in Christ,
*In the love of God my husband's name has been changed to protect his identity.